Wednesday, 8 February 2012

cool running

Had a fab time at the weekend going to visit friends Chris and Claire in reading for a lovely evening of food and wine. It wasn't too late a night as i'd coerced (it didn't take much) Chris into going for a run. A little bit of snow didn't put us off and we had a hoot going round a chiltern circuit near to him. We'd done it back in dec when it was muddy 9miles/1hr 22, this time the mud was frozen, but there was a fair covering of snow to contend with. Which meant i was very happy to reproduce 1hr 22.
Stopped for a quick photo op, hence the below.

This week, i missed out on booking yoga for thursday (grr!) so am just contemplating alternatives. Possibly gym tonight, run tomorrow lunch, gym again.. or maybe longer run tonight, run tomorrow, gym at night.

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