Monday, 19 December 2011

Pick and mix

Bit of an odd weekend, but certainly a busy one.
Had a night at home friday which was very much needed, as the next morning at an ungodly 4.30 i woke up to drive wifey to heathrow. Frostily but uneventfully i returned home to sleep after dropping her off (berlin, xmas markets, girly weekend). Then a few hours later was up again for wood collection, need more for the stove. After that it was tracking check for the car and over to reading to meet mate and buy new trail shoes..
After which it would have seemed a shame to do nothing, so i'd convinced him to plan a route and we went for a run. All 9.3 miles of it, cross country in the chiltern mud. Good job i had the trail shoes really! Was really, really good, just a bit harder than i thought it would be. Chris set off at a cracking pace, since it was a road and flat i followed and managed ok on flat/downhill, but uphill was a struggle! 1hr22 later we finished just as it was getting a little too dark to see. Back to his for a shower and tea, then off out for a curry, few beers and a catch up. Awesome day, run and and excellent pre-event training for the peak dark & white MMM coming up!
Sunday dawned to caroling in tescos Amersham. I had the early shift and played away, in fact was feeling so good i stuck round for some more so ended up doing some 4-5 hrs. But quite quickly noticed I was flagging, realised i'd had no food, so scarpered for home and got some nosh. Heard after that we raised £900 at tescos all for the local home hospice care charity.
Rest of the afternoon was chores, washing and feeling quite tired. Otherwise cracking weekend.
Shame to have work at the end of it, especially considering the joyus meeting i've just had - ho hum life goes on and on and on.

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