Friday, 16 December 2011

cold running

I was still feeling a little dizzy earlier this week, so didn't do too much early on. However, i was arm twisted for a work run wednesday with 2 colleagues, both of whom bailed on me.. I saw this as a free pass, so booted up and headed out. Trouble was the blue sky wasn't matching a warm temp, and shorts really didn't cut the mustard. I'd come prepared with a long sleeve thermal and the gilet off my cycling wind/waterproof -
(Which i'd discovered on the late night run i did at the end of nov. It looked pretty cold out, so in a flash of inspiration had unzipped the arms from this and used it running. It's pretty perfect, having a large mesh upper back and being really lightweight..)
But I still suffered, quite a few other runners out considering the time of year. Was a good time for me too, 3.8miles in 29m43s
Last night i was home alone as wifey was at a work leaving do. So i headed out for yoga on my tod, some really good stretchy stuff, a smaller class and will probably be smaller still next week!
Weekend involves: Wood collection, carols and a long run planned with mates over in reading (plus curry).. sounds good!

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