Wednesday, 10 October 2012

3 weeks...

since my last confession, erm post.

Sorry about that all i've been rather busy!

Since the 19th i've had a ton of rehearsals, had the contest in Cheltenham (13/24 which was respectable). We're now technically a 3rd section band!

After this some recovery was had and there was a rare weekend at home. We did try to get away for a B&B, but in the end decided to save the cash (and our fav place was booked up!). I didn't get out for any exercise as i've been suffering from a cold so rested.

Last week was a short one as we had friday off to go to Norfolk and help with a friends wedding set up in a local viallge hall. Also stayed with the In-laws for the weekend so it was nice to finally see them, since i've not been up there for a while. During this i washed my car.. and discovered a crack in the windscreen and slightly out of kilter wheels.

So this week is getting the tracking sorted (relatively cheap) and the windscreen replaced (massively expensive). Plus suit dry cleaned, band rehearsal, yoga and then off at the weekend for Nephew's Christening in Clyro, plus seeing the family.

Exercise has still been lacking as i'm struggling with tiredness and apathy..

I always knew Oct would be a busy one, but this is just mad.

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